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The Story Behind Paper Caterpillar – Learning Resource for Young Learners

Friday, September 8th, 2017

What if your smart kid or learner could be able to make a piece of paper stand?

Well, in my classroom, a little boy was able to do just that –and with a bonus! He was able to make it run!

Paper caterpillar is my latest innovation in teaching a lesson. What with one -of- a- kind feature am sure educators around the world would be amazed, for fun and excitement of learners have been partly the reasons on innovating learning resource. I started with Verbo game cards, Snake and Ladder, Idea Generating game cards for story idea brainstorming purposes, Vocab-u-larry for comprehension development, and now Paper Caterpillar for visualizing learning output.

Where did I get the idea?

Fed up with the usual, boring giving of grades or scores or marks to learner’s examinations or what, I was groping for an authentic, concrete and creative learning mastery output. I looked at the stack of paper in front of me after a quarter examination and asked myself, “how could I make this more exciting for kids? Is there a way I could present this score in more creative, fun and authentic manner?

AHA Moment

I saw a caterpillar crawling towards my table, moving towards the stack of papers.I have just finished correcting. I looked at its legs, counted them… then an idea came to me, right then and there.

I made some scribbling on a piece of paper, so as not to forget the wisdom gained from the unusual encounter with a lowly caterpillar.

Paper Caterpillar was born!

During the night I was busy materializing in Word the idea I had in mind. Print. Cut. Re-size. Print. Cut.

The next morning, I was eager as beaver to test my innovation. Have my pupils answer the ten-item quiz, tell them to open the folded CR or correct response column, instruct them to fold down if answer is correct and up if not. Then, have them put their paper caterpillar stand on their desk. Some were able to do and ecstatic about their work.

Changing terminologies

Getting perfect score is no longer getting a hundred score. It is making a paper caterpillar stand –all legs or simply bald.

The one who made a paper caterpillar run instead of stand? Well, there was a fan over his desk!

Not only learners have fun and exciting time answering short quiz or what, but also eager to know how their mastery affects their paper caterpillar–either they could make it stand –or not.

The next time they will have an opportunity to do the quiz, they know mastery of the lesson, honesty and all are all important ingredients in a fun-filled, creative and authentic learning environment!

Accelerating Fundraising Contributions for Worthy Causes – Supertickets

Friday, September 8th, 2017

How can I increase fundraising for my worthy cause? This is a question typically asked by the Event Planners and Foundation Directors. When I ask them to describe the audience providing contribution support, the consistent answer is “We have some sponsors and the individuals participating in the event”. When I inquire how much their net donation was, a typical answer is “we had 100 participants, but only made $2,000″ followed by a statement of despair when the organizer considers the amount of organizational effort was spent delivering the event.

Event organizers charge a participation fee that normally includes a primary event activity and meal, standard for most events. There’s usually supplemental effort to gain additional contributions from those already contributing. It generally comes packaged as a variety of choices – raffle tickets, live and silent auctions, side bets and other activities. Event participants have told me countless times “I’d rather write a single check for every event element, instead of being asked to again reach for another $20″. The end result is the event supporter may question participation in subsequent years. Sponsors are also at risk, because they rarely receive recognition commensurate with their contribution. Event signage or thanks at the awards ceremony offers nominal value.

When working with large charitable foundations, my experience has been that for every 100 event participants there are typically 500 individuals, in a current contributor data base, who may receive an e-mail notification, but otherwise are entirely overlooked.

I encourage events to develop a separate prize pool or gifts for non attendees, willing to contribute and who would like the opportunity to win prizes or some simple form or recognition for their contribution.

Development of a “Superticket” was a simple way to deliver the aforementioned opportunity to non attendees and increase the value to sponsors. Supertickets are a scratch off game card that are combined with additional elements – raffle tickets, merchandise and services, printed on the back side of the scorecard. For golf events the Superticket looks like a scorecard. The recipient is instructed to “scratch off” one score per hole then add the scores for an 18 hole total. There is no skill involved, scoring is random and prizes may be awarded based on the Supertickets low (or high) scores. Providing free Supertickets to sponsors for internal distribution is a great way to encourage and reward their financial participation.

Superticket Case Study

A Southeastern children’s hospital conducts four fundraising events throughout the year. Their golf event, while popular, doesn’t contribute as much financially to the hospital as the other events do, due largely due to the expense for use of the golf course.

Because of strong community support, the hospital receives contributions supporting their events from sponsors and local sources that include restaurants, consumer electronic stores, automobile dealerships, clothing stores, jewelers and travel agents. These gifts are used to incent event participation.

Organizers increased the golf participation fee by $15, but every participating player received one Superticket. It included the scratch off game component, 5 raffle tickets, 1 individual mulligan, entry to the putting contest and a par three shootout. A separate prize pool for the golf participants included golf merchandise.

A separate Superticket promotion was announced through the hospital newsletter and e-mailed to hospital supporters who were not participating in the golf event. To non – golf participants, Supertickets were sold: 1 ticket = $20, 2 tickets = $35 and 3 tickets = $45. All details of the promotion were clearly explained on the back of the Superticket. To enter after Superticket purchase, the recipient returned the ticket to the hospital with their name, address, phone number and e-mail address. The non golf participants promotion included prizes for the lowest 20 Superticket scores and 15 additional prizes being awarded from a random raffle drawing. The Superticket golf card was identical to the card used at the golf tournament, but the prizes available were non – golf specific merchandise. A consumer electronic store sponsor donated a 32″ flat screen TV and there were a total of 35 gifts allocated. In addition to the flat screen, there were lunches and dinners for two, $25 gift certificates to retail stores, movie tickets for four and salon gift certificates were popular.

An additional 360 Supertickets were sold to individuals who were non golf participants and an announcement of all winners was sent by e-mail to all purchasing Supertickets. An important component was offering prizes both to Superticket low scores while also including a random raffle drawing. An important element to the hospital was the simplicity of the promotion, the fun and the financial contribution sustainable in subsequent events.

Financial Contribution: Net profit = $14,004 ($14,760 revenue – $756 Superticket cost)

Golf Participants 144 Supertickets x $15 (entry allocation) = $2,160 revenue

Non Golf participants – 360 Supertickets sold x $35 (avg. expenditure) = $12,600 revenue

Adding the non participant element increased event fundraising by $12,040.