The Story Behind Paper Caterpillar – Learning Resource for Young Learners

What if your smart kid or learner could be able to make a piece of paper stand?

Well, in my classroom, a little boy was able to do just that –and with a bonus! He was able to make it run!

Paper caterpillar is my latest innovation in teaching a lesson. What with one -of- a- kind feature am sure educators around the world would be amazed, for fun and excitement of learners have been partly the reasons on innovating learning resource. I started with Verbo game cards, Snake and Ladder, Idea Generating game cards for story idea brainstorming purposes, Vocab-u-larry for comprehension development, and now Paper Caterpillar for visualizing learning output.

Where did I get the idea?

Fed up with the usual, boring giving of grades or scores or marks to learner’s examinations or what, I was groping for an authentic, concrete and creative learning mastery output. I looked at the stack of paper in front of me after a quarter examination and asked myself, “how could I make this more exciting for kids? Is there a way I could present this score in more creative, fun and authentic manner?

AHA Moment

I saw a caterpillar crawling towards my table, moving towards the stack of papers.I have just finished correcting. I looked at its legs, counted them… then an idea came to me, right then and there.

I made some scribbling on a piece of paper, so as not to forget the wisdom gained from the unusual encounter with a lowly caterpillar.

Paper Caterpillar was born!

During the night I was busy materializing in Word the idea I had in mind. Print. Cut. Re-size. Print. Cut.

The next morning, I was eager as beaver to test my innovation. Have my pupils answer the ten-item quiz, tell them to open the folded CR or correct response column, instruct them to fold down if answer is correct and up if not. Then, have them put their paper caterpillar stand on their desk. Some were able to do and ecstatic about their work.

Changing terminologies

Getting perfect score is no longer getting a hundred score. It is making a paper caterpillar stand –all legs or simply bald.

The one who made a paper caterpillar run instead of stand? Well, there was a fan over his desk!

Not only learners have fun and exciting time answering short quiz or what, but also eager to know how their mastery affects their paper caterpillar–either they could make it stand –or not.

The next time they will have an opportunity to do the quiz, they know mastery of the lesson, honesty and all are all important ingredients in a fun-filled, creative and authentic learning environment!

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